Dallas,TX City Planning Commissioners, City Council, Park Board, Mayor Eric Johnson
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A Florida based property development group has requested rezoning and deed restriction changes to the 4 acres located at Garland/Grand/Gaston. The property was formerly occupied by The Lot and Local Traveler restaurants and is adjacent to the White Rock Creek Greenbelt and Santa Fe Trail.

• The new development, The Trailhead, is proposed as an 8 story, 320 apartment development with 10,000-20,000 sq ft of commercial space - this a high-density development in our low-medium density community. It is incongruent with the existing neighborhood.

• It will be situated at an intersection already in the grips of serious traffic congestion. The addition of a significant number of vehicles at the confluence of the intersection of the Grand/Garland/Gaston will exacerbate the situation.

• The 87 ft height/8 stories (currently restricted to 54 ft/ 4 stories) and 90% property use (currently deed restricted to 60%) could negatively impact the skyline from areas north of White Rock Creek, including White Rock Lake Spillway Overlook, White Rock Lake Park and Trail.

• Property values for areas north and east of White Rock Creek might be unfavorably impacted.

• The effect on the environment and wildlife with run off and light pollution were not addressed in the rezoning request.

This development will not be a win for current East Dallas residents or the friends of White Rock Lake.

We the undersigned are ADAMANTLY OPPOSED to the requested rezoning and deed restriction changes outlined in rezoning submission Z201-139.

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