Bahamas Department of Physical Planning

The walls that border Coral Harbour Roundabout are in jeopardy of being destroyed by a private developer. We categorically OBJECT to this and petition the Bahamas Department of Physical Planning NOT to issue permission for the destruction of these walls.

The Coral Harbour stone walls have been in existence for over half a century acting as a landmark to the area. They are of historical and social significance and are a likely candidate for classification as a national 'landmark' or 'antiquity'.

The walls hold enormous emotional importance to the residents of the area who consider them an integral part of their community and neighbourhood. Over the years, generations of residents and members of associations, have come together as a community to repair, repaint, and maintain the walls and the general area at the entrance to the neighbourhood. These walls form a part of the history of the area and the lives of those who reside in Coral Harbour.

In an era of diminishing community and familial ties globally, residents in Coral Harbour feel strongly that these fabrics of their own community be preserved. Not only a focal point of the area, these walls provide a focal discussion point for the origins of Coral Harbour in the late 50’s and the development of the area.

Residents are also concerned that property values will decrease if the walls are removed, leaving no buffer between commercial and residential sectors. The walls provide an attractive and affluent perception of Coral Harbour that is unique in Nassau and separates it from other subdivisions. The removal of the walls will absolutely change the visual landscape of the area as you exit the Coral Harbour road and therefore change the perception of the area and property values as a result.

Coral Harbour residents and allies stand united in their aim to preserve their neighbourhood and their community and say “NO” to the destruction of these structures and any other changes to their communal landscape without consultation.

We, the undersigned, petition the Bahamas Department of Physical Planning not to issue permission for the destruction of any of the walls that border Coral Harbour roundabout.

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