Dudley Council
United Kingdom

Valley Road Youth Club enables young disabled people, including individuals with autism and cerebral palsy, in the West Midlands to develop social skills and experience fun and challenging activities. Dudley council has announced its intention to reduce funding for the youth club which could potentially result in its closure.

The move has proved highly distressing to the young people whom the youth club serves and it is hoped that this petition will bring Dudley council to reconsider its proposal. One young man with the autistic spectrum condition Asperger’s Syndrome has been a member of Valley Road for the past eight years and it is a fundamental aspect of his social life. The experience of disability can be an isolating one, but membership of Valley Road Youth Club eases this.

By its very nature, autism can leave those affected by it unable to interact effectively, but Valley Road equips these people with the social skills they need to thrive. The members of Valley Road Youth Club need your support; without it, the club might have no alternative but to close. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call upon Dudley Council not to decrease funding to the extent that it would result in the closure or reduction of the Valley Road Youth Club and to seriously consider the value which the youth club has for its members before reaching any funding decision, with consultation on this matter with Valley Road Youth Club members or their representatives if at all possible.

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