The University of Iowa Provost Wallace D. Loh

The University of Iowa Mathematics Library is an historic institution which has been located in Maclean Hall since 1912. The Math Library has been located in Room 125 Maclean Hall since 1936. This library consists of approximately 60,000 items, some of which are in off campus storage.

The in-house Maclean Hall Math Library is one of the internal strengths of the University of Iowa Mathematics Department.

The current budget crisis at the University of Iowa has led the University of Iowa's Head Librarian to propose that the entire collection of books and journals in the Math Library be moved to the shelves of the Main Library --- or to be moved to off campus storage facilities. The moving is scheduled to begin at the end of the 2009 fall semester.

An independent delegation of 38 Mathematics, Physics and Statistics professors has petitioned the University of Iowa Provost, Wallace D. Loh to find an alternative plan that would keep, unchanged, the Math Library in its current location. To date, the provost continues to endorse the Head Librarian's relocation plan.

Urge Provost Wallace D. Loh to review his approval of the Head Librarian's relocation plan, and to find a way of keeping, unchanged, the in-house Maclean Hall Math Library.

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