#Local Government
North Sydney Council

On the 14 June 2010, North Sydney Council approved the removal of the following trees from the Australian Catholic University, Edward Street Campus.

• 11 Weeping Figs
• 1 Brushbox
• 2 Himalayan Cedars

The Council received the application for the removal of these trees on 1 June 2010. Approval was granted in less than two weeks. No community consultation took place.

This removal represents an enormous change to Riley Street, Edward Street and the character of a much wider area as well as threatening the tawny frogmouth owls that depend on the trees.

We, the undersigned, call upon North Sydney Council to:

• Provide information on the June 2010 DA approval process.

• Undertake an independent external assessment of issues relevant to the trees and the 1984 Joanne Green Landscaping plan for the ACU.

• Make the external assessment report available to the community.

• Ensure detailed discussion between internal Council Departments on this request and other Council Area landscape decisions.

• Incorporate community consultation on this and other large scale landscaping issues such as Shore/Graythwaite if it comes before Council.

• Provide information on replacement tree cover if any.

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