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Application 2010/2879, Regeneration and Planning Dept., Hackney Council, London
United Kingdom

London's historic Horse Drawn Tram Depot site is about to be signed away unless people come out in numbers to support our campaign to save it!!

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We are asking everyone and their friends, to help us fight against a planning proposal that is threatening to destroy a real Hackney gem which will effectively close the site's highly active medium/light industrial small manufacturing businesses, artisans, and artist/designers, and result in about 100 people losing their jobs.

The site was recently designated a PRIORITY EMPLOYMENT AREA and locally listed by Hackney Planning but the submitted plan is for 85 flats and a 30-40% REDUCTION IN WORKSPACE, and all as B1 office/light commercial units (there are many empty B1 spaces in the nearby Latham's development).

The granting of PEA status should protect the existing jobs on site which the application fails to do.

We urge you to STRONGLY OPPOSE the application - this is the fourth application by the developer to destroy this unique site.

Originally the Tram Depot was built for the horse drawn trams, with the tram engineering works housed below the upper storey stabling.

This historic site is now home to many thriving small businesses including several furniture makers, moulded plaster workers, forged metal workers, fabric suppliers, artists, various car services, an ever expanding foam factory and Clapton's only two galleries, the Tram Depot and Vulpes Vulpes.

The application proposes the destruction of the site to be replaced by ‘same as everywhere else’ flats with a much reduced area for office and light commercial usage but no guarantee of occupancy. This will destroy the thriving site and ruin the livelihoods of over 100 people and affect the wider area with severe pressure on already stretched local services.

Here is how you can get involved:

SIGN THIS PETITION opposing Application 2010/2879 as the quickest way to object

or go to: Save_the_Tramdepot

for details on:

1) Most effective opposition

or how to

2) object directly to the Planning Dept.

Where you can also use a link to view the application



Dear Adam Flynn

We, the undersigned, are writing to object in the strongest possible terms to the proposed demolition and development of the Tram Depot site, 38-40 Upper Clapton Rd.

These are the principal objections:

The demolition will lose Hackney people their jobs

The current site is now a PRIORITY EMPLOYMENT AREA .
The granting of PEA status should protect the existing jobs on site which the application fails to do.

The huge reduction in commercial space (30-40%) and the 1300% increase in residential space are incompatible with the site's PEA status!

Most businesses have been there between 10 – 20 years! An estimated 100+ jobs directly depend on the site.
The kind of work they do cannot take place in the proposed mix of B1 office and light industrial usage spaces envisaged in the application, and there are no guarantees of occupancy.

The closure of such businesses would have a huge knock-on effect to cause substantial direct and indirect job losses.

We also oppose the application because we believe that the uniqueness of the Clapton's Horse Drawn Tram Depot, dating from 1873, and now recognised as being of local importance by being LOCALLY LISTED and is worthy of a FULL ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY given English Heritages CHANGES IN HERITAGE POLICY.

The Tram Depot is one of only two complete horse drawn tram depots in the UK (the other is listed and in Sheffield). English Heritage are now refining policies to include those post 1840 building types that, in their words, they 'don't understand' including municipal and transport complexes of which Clapton is an early example. Their emphasis is now on understanding contextual 'earliness' and rarity combined with a sites thematic/phased development, rather than just architectural merit, so that understanding a site's functionality and development are considered to be the most important over and above aesthetic value. (see http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/professional/designation/national-heritage-protection-plan/. )

The proposed site significantly increases traffic congestion

The proposed entrance to the development is on a blind spot and near a bus stop on one of Transport For London's designated arterial routes, the A107 (Upper Clapton Rd).

The 85 proposed 1-4 bed flats will significantly increase the number of car-trips coming from the site. The developer contends that the number of these car-trips by the new residents can be reduced by encouraging non-car dependent transport such as buses, train, cycling and walking, simply through the provision of information boards on the new site! His consultants suggest that a reduction of 5-15% of trips can be made between 2 and 10 years !! Thus they accept that the increased car-trips emanating from the site will significantly add to congestion on this already busy arterial route.

The loss of designer & artist spaces in Hackney

The site houses the only remaining active group of artists and designers left in North Hackney—the rest have already been evicted from nearby sites to make way for new build housing developments. Artists and creative industries are important to communities. There are over 30 active artists who use the units as their studios, and two gallery spaces, the Tram Depot Gallery and Vulpes Vulpes. Both have successful track records of innovative exhibitions open to the local as well as art-specialist community.

It is an inappropriate proposal

The proposed development will set a poor precedent physically, in terms of its height and density. Such a large development fronted by six and seven storey elevations so close to the Lea Bridge Roundabout will dramatically affect the aspect and light levels for the Beaumont Court, the Beecholme Estate, and Casimir Road residential areas. Issues of privacy are also raised as a large part of the proposed development overlooks much of this existing housing.

Furthermore, the need for the application is questionable in the light of it being so similar to at least 3 other large scale new build housing developments in the close vicinity, including the '''old Latham’s Timber Yard''' site, and this Developer's Lea Bridge Road site around the corner which provides 30 1-4 bed flats, and other adjacent sites on the canal. All are no more than half a mile away and many of the commercial units provided remain empty.

To summarise, this application should be rejected. It will destroy established local businesses, put dangerous pressures on roads and services, and is fueled purely by a get rich quick mentality.

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