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Hasbro has decided to drop the Thimble from the classic board game MONOPOLY. They had a vote at votemonopoly.com and voters decided to get rid of the thimble. I believe that most people were unaware of this vote as I was one of them who didn't find out until the voting was over. This token has been a game piece since 1935 and is a favorite of many players. We hope we can raise enough signatures to convince Hasbro that getting rid of the best token is a bad idea.

We the undersigned would like to ask Hasbro to reconsider dropping the thimble token from the classic board game Monopoly. This piece has been in the game since 1935 and it's a tragedy to see it go. Please help us in asking Hasbro to change their mind and keep this token as part of the game.

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The Save the Thimble! Tell Hasbro not to drop the thimble. petition to Hasbro Toys was written by Brandon Kirby and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.