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City of Oakland Planning and Building, Dan Kalb, Oakland City Council
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Attention: Neighborhood Impact Alert

The steps of the Sunflower Path located between Proctor and Modoc Streets is a neighborhood space for people of all ages to enjoy the flowers, dinosaurs and animal sculptures. This artistic creation and labor of love began over 20 years ago and is enjoyed daily by those who ascend or descend the stairs.

It has come to our attention that the beautiful Sunflower Path is being threatened by another project without the knowledge or approval of the people who live in the neighborhood. This will change the Sunflower Path forever. The proposal is to permanently paint the stairs with a “Say their Names” themed statement.

We believe that this not an appropriate place for this project because it will alter a pre-existing artistic expression and more importantly it will impact the neighborhood negatively.

We, the undersigned, are the neighbors who want to keep the beautiful Sunflower Path the wonderful neighborhood space that it is without the alteration of the stairs. It has taken so much effort over the years to create and is enjoyed by so many people. There is really nothing else like it. Celebrating “Say their Names” would be better suited in a space that isn’t already being enjoyed by the community as it is. More importantly the proposed project will create inevitable congestion in what is a quiet residential neighborhood. Perhaps a park or a public square would be more appropriate and also more notably, higher visibility for their message and in an area that is able to support an influx of people.

Issues of Concern: “Adverse Effects” of becoming a Destination
- Congestion
- Parking
- Personal Safety – liability issues as a result of the congestion
- Handicap access - lack of hand rails and handicap access project
- Fire safety – The adjacent vacant lot is already a fire hazard
- Trash – this is already an issue
- Trespassing on private property – this happens frequently and complicates liability issues with insurance
- Noise – Noise pollution is already an issue during evening hours at this location
- Maintenance
- Paint on concrete step are proven to be slippery and dangerous

As neighbors against this change we need you to sign the petition to say no to the proposed project and say yes to the art project that it currently is and keep our area safe, clean, uplifting, and a happy place for both kids and adults to enjoy.


Upper Rockridge Neighbors

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