#City & Town Planning
Norfolk County Atten: Dennis Travale

It has come to our attention that a plan to remove West side sidewalk and widen Bellevue Ave is in motion. This is not a good idea for a number of reasons as listed below.

1. Sidewalk is used buy many children going to and from Elgin school.

2. It will bring the road closer to all the west side houses.

3. The road is already wide enough if signs that are posted are followed. (road is not policed to enforce parking rules).

This is a request to Norfolk County and Dennis Travale to refrain from removing the side walk from the West side of Bellevue Ave.

We the undersigned feel this is a main arterie for Children to safely walk to and from school. This sidewalk is also used by many people walking pets or just out for a nice walk.

We the undersigned feel the problem is not how wide the road is but how the parking rules are not enforced causing people to park on both sides at any given time.

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