#Animal Rights
Australian Government - Department of Agriculture

The installation of Shark Nets in Australia have increased exponentially due to the negative light sharks receive in media. Since the 1980's there have been over 30,000 deaths of wild animals due to shark nets, and ONLY 12% of these deaths were targeted species. That means 88% of the animals captured were not targeted! All animals from endangered turtles, dolphins, dugongs and even penguins have been killed due to these nets.

Let this sink in...
More people were killed by shark nets, than the actual shark nets themselves!!

This calls for a change, and you can help by signing this petition! We hope to get this out to the people in the Department of Agriculture in order for them to make a change and explore alternatives that will not harm the wildlife. Join us and our journey to saving thousands of lives today!

The ocean's ecosystem is at risk and we require your help in order to fix what we have done. Thousands of animals are dying every year due to these shark nets and we must make a change before it's too late. The mass deaths of the wildlife have the potential to disrupt the food chain and could eventually end up affecting us. To put it into perspective, mass species extinction and the death of coral reefs are some of our smallest worries when it comes this situation.

By signing this petition you are helping the ocean's ecosystem by spreading awareness and making a better change for the future of the wildlife.

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