Shops and Restaurants who plastic resources

I am Ava. and I am 12 years old. As a certified scuba diver, I have seen many marine lives suffer because of our use of plastics on a day to day basis. Every minute, the equivalent of one garbage truck FULL of plastics is dumped in our oceans. One hundred thousand sea animals and approximately 1 million sea birds die from the consumption of plastics.

Marine animals mistake plastic products for food. For example, scientists found a whale that had 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach. in Thailand. In addition, plastic bags in the ocean look like jellyfish to sea turtles who are their natural predators.

I know this sounds terrible, but we can help. Reduce the plastics in our oceans by using paper/wooden straws and bags instead of plastic. Ben and Jerry's has already started using wooden spoons and paper straws which won't hurt the marine life. Starbucks also has been using paper straws in many of its locations to try and save the marine life.

Marine life is put in jeopardy each day because of the plastics we are dumping into their homes. We can help, but we need everyone's support! One less piece of plastic will lower the amount of deaths by one. If we all work together, We can turn that one into 100 or better 1,000 lives that are saved. So, don't give up yet, there is still hope in saving the animals in the seas and their homes.

You can keep paper straws in the car to use instead of plastic straws at drive throughs.
You can use paper or reusable bags in the grocery stores and shops.
Try to reduce the products that you buy which contain plastics (e.g. egg containers).
Shop at places that use paper and other alternative products.

You can find paper/wooden straws and bags at your local corner stores.

Replace plastic products (with paper or alternative resources.
Recycle the plastic products that you can't avoid.

I challenge St. Timothy's Episcopal School, McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Five Guys, Moe's, Harris Teeter, Food Lion and other businesses that value saving sea lives to use paper products and alternative resources, rather than plastic straws, bags and containers!

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