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Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Roast is a daily ten-minute comedy news show that promises to destroy every bastion of journalism known to man.

While most news shows are lazy enough to only ever report the story, The Roast team live, breathe, and frequently die by the news, in a never-ending quest for their parents’ approval. They’ll eat the horsemeat. They’ll run for Pope. They'll not only ride Clive Palmer's Titanic II - they'll build the iceberg that sinks it.

Beginning its life online in 2011 as a one-minute, news headlines show, 2012 saw The Roast double in size into a slightly bigger two-minute series, which screened on ABC2. Now in 2013, ABC2 has doubled its size yet again, and added another six minutes.

Hosted by Tom Glasson, The Roast also features Mark Humphries, Clarke Richards, Rachel Corbett and Nich Richardson.

Petition to the ABC network;

To whom it may concern,

My complaint to the ABC is this - please reverse your decision to axe The Roast in 2015. The Roast is one of the best shows on TV, both here and overseas, and a valuable source of independent and informative journalism.

The Roast is one of the flagships against the onslaught and should be kept at the forefront of the fight.

For the sake of government transperancy and General Public Interest I strongly campaign against this change and the risk it poses to the overall integrity of our ABC network.

- Bring back the Roast in 2015 -

Thank you.

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