The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews
United Kingdom

The Road Hole at St Andrews is golf's most famous hole. Golfers at the Open have played the same yardage since 1900, and there is no need to alter something which is perfection itself.

This is an act of sacrilege, the same as repainting Michelangelo’s work at the Sistine Chapel, straightening the leaning tower of Pisa, or playing Wimbledon on concrete. What’s up with tradition, and leaving things alone?

This is the greatest hole in golf, and the powers at be at the R&A need their head examined if they think they can improve this hole.

True golfers, and lovers of the game, must unite and tell the R&A that technology should not prevail and that a work of art should be left alone.

We, the undersigned, ask the R&A to leave the Road Hole and centuries of tradition alone, and to desist from altering the hole due to technological improvements.

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