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Video outlining goals of the Save the Putnam Trail Campaign


1. Saves taxpayers MONEY!

2. Preserves the environment!

3. Still serves ALL users!!

The purpose of this campaign is to get the Putnam Trail resurfaced with a stone dust surface instead of paved asphalt and reduce the proposed width from 15ft down to 8ft. NYC Parks Department plans will double the current width of the Putnam Trail from 8ft to 15ft! The average lane on an interstate highway is 12ft.

NYC Parks current plans will require the destruction of many trees and harm the natural environment and beauty of the Park. A stone dust surface still serve all the users including cyclists, walkers, runners, baby strollers, wheelchairs and more.

We feel that the 8ft wide stone dust trail best meets the needs of all users while having the most minimal impact on the environment and will also have the lowest cost.

We ask you to support the Save the Putnam Trail campaign and ensure that the Putnam Trail stays 8ft wide and is improved with a stone dust surface. Please don’t let the Putnam Trail become “Putnam Road”!

We need your help to ensure that the Putnam Trail is reconstructed properly. If we stay silent on this issue one of the jewels of the Bronx and NYC will be lost forever!

Please take a couple minutes of your time to email Mayor Bloomberg about why you do NOT want to see the Putnam Trail paved!

For more information or if you have any questions please e-mail: savetheputnamtrail@gmail.com.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

Keep the remaining Parks of NYC natural.

Do not pave the Putnam Trail in Van Cortlandt Park.

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