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Southampton City Council

Southampton City Council have given notice of their intention to close the Prince of Wales by way of Compulsory Purchase Order.

The Prince of Wales has existed as a focal point of the local community for nearly 150 years, the last 30 of which have been under the care of the Smith family. The changing demographics of the local area have made it more challenging as a business over recent times, however this should not be allowed to undermine the importance of the Prince of Wales in providing a welcoming homely atmosphere, with a regular clientele which reflects the multi-cultural and diverse population of this vibrant Northam area and city of Southampton as a whole.

In addition to providing a relaxed atmosphere for meetings of local Buffalo Lodges, Resident Associations, to name but a few, it also hosts 3 darts teams, a pool team and a football club, all of whom have enjoyed success in local competitions. Additionally extremely popular quiz and bingo nights are held weekly, and also hugely successful charity fundraising days.

The Prince of Wales isn’t just our pub. It means a whole lot more to everyone who goes there.

Lets not also forget that this is the oldest building in Northam Road, surviving the bombardment of the area during World War 2, and therefore an important part of all of our heritage.

‘Hitler couldn’t knock it down, don’t let Southampton City Council!’

We, the undersigned, wish to lodge a vehement protest against these unnecessary plans to Southampton City Council, and urge them to reconsider this Compulsory Purchase Order.

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