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Environment and Global Warming
This is an issue that is highly important to Democrats but barely effecting the Republican voters. According to Pew Research, it’s the issue that has the biggest split between Republicans and Democrats. While 74 percent of Democrats say it’s important, only 37 percent of Republicans do. If the voters of the two parties can’t even agree on its importance, it’s even more difficult to agree on what to do about it. Regardless of this, the Earth is suffering devastating consequence.
-The last two decades were the hottest in 400 years
-By 2040, the Artic may have an ice-free summer
-The global temperature has increased fasted then ever in the last 50 years
Global warming has become a serious issue in the world and yet people still refuse to take notice of it. We need to take action now, while we have the chance.

We, supportive followers of Green Peace and other global organisations, call on all citizens or Australia to act on global warming.

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