#Animal Rights
AVA and the Government

Stop killing those innocent pigeons! They never did to us! They're just minding their own business and please do the same as well! It is so cruel to put poison in their food and feed them and watch them die and thereafter discard their carcasses like they're a piece of rubbish! Learn to give respect to all beings no matter how small it is! Humans are created to have a broader mind set but sadly, the mindsets of humans are getting smaller and smaller as time goes by.

Please help me to sign this petition to stop the killing of those innocent pigeons and let's all do it together and achieve as many signatures as possible within a month and I will do the necessary thereafter. Please all come together for this and let's hope we can put an end to these merciless killings!

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The Save the Pigeons petition to AVA and the Government was written by Lítá Láx and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.