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Are you aware that the Council and Shelly Bay Trust are about to destroy an important Penguin Nesting Site and ecosystem with nests located just 2 metres from the roadside .By insisting on an unnecessarily wide road-approximately 10 metres and creating a concrete and stone seawall? Developers will remove this Penguin Nesting habitat and Recreation Reserve.
Used by up to 60 or more Wellingtonians' daily in the summertime weekends ,it includes native trees and beaches used by families,windsurfers,divers joggers and cyclists-and Penguins!! .This iconic Scenic Drive, which includes Forest and Bird Penguin Nesting boxes on the Shelly Bay roadside ecosystem is located on the road from the Miramar intersection to the Shelly Bay complex.
With a very short public consultation time,it is being rushed through so no-one can object to this elite playground for the rich, namely a retail and residential complex to proceed at the expense of this recreational haven within minutes of the CBD. This is actually recreational space and land belonging to Wellington rate-paying residents who will be billed to pay up to $20 million dollars towards losing this invaluble resouce.
I am very concerned about a lack of awareness of this major iconic asset existing within only 6 minutes of the CBD! In any major city of New Zealand and the world such as asset so close to the city centre is highly treasured and preserved to enhance the essential and diverse recreational requirements for the health and well-being of a large urban population. So many people of so many ages and cultures have discovered and use this wonderful, accessible Wellington Taonga.
This is actually recreational space and land belonging to Wellington residents who are now as ratepayers about to billed to pay up to $20 million dollars towards this wholesale destruction of our recreational space .
What is this asset? People arriving from the airport or Wellington CBD are, in a couple minutes, able to experience a leisurely scenic drive through a classic kiwi experience of a native bush ecosystem including, pohutukawa, harakeke(flax), cabbage trees, karo, pittosporum and olearia to name just a few, uniquely growing right down to the very tidal mark. This provides a rich habitat which supports some of our wonderful native birds, including yellow-heads, tuis, bellbirds, piwakawaka(fantails) and introduced birds like sparrows and thrush and most important of all a sanctuary for our precious endangered Little Blue Penguin.
This north facing environment creates a bay with a unique aspect, sheltered from the wind and receiving nearly all-day sun. This allows the shallow beach to warm to a swimmable temperature, unlike Wellingtons’ many other more exposed seaside locations. Its’ very safe, slow receding shallows provide a welcoming place for all, from small children adults of all ages.
It is the attractiveness-the trees, bush,rock formations and people-friendly environment in the bay that draws people to use this wonderful, free asset. Widening of the road would destroy these ecosystems.

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We, the undersigned urge the Wellington City Council not to undergo any new roading and seashore infrastructure as it will lead to the destruction of the Penguin population, their necessary ecosystem and important Recreational space for Wellingtonians.

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