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"Save The Pallet Barn" is a place for the community to enjoy as well as to help sustain the farm . The farm has existed for about 40 years. Unfortunately, over the last few years it has been struggling to survive like most small family farms. This space we have built has been our pride and joy. We worked on it with blood, sweat, and tears. We were excited to give back to the community. We want this space to be used for charitable events, sports events, family events, farm events or profit events this is something our Hamlet needs and should be allowed to be used as such. The farm has been long existing before anything else in this neighborhood, This is a great extension of the tree farm for people to enjoy. Due to some red tape the Pallet Barn has been completely shut down. I am asking for our local community
and surrounding community support to have the red tape overturned.

I am asking everyone, friends and family, community members, sports groups and anyone knowing and supporting of this cause to sign this petition. The petition is to overturn the red tape and push through whatever changes need to be made to allow the use of The Pallet Barn - within a reasonable amount of time.
I may also be asking for community support once the town meetings/hearings start about the Pallet Barn. I may ask everyone who can attend, please do -AND LETS SHOW OUR SUPPORT.

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