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We need to ask the Government to put forward new legislation on the labelling of our products containing palm oil so that Manufacturers cannot label our products with the generic term ‘Vegetable oil’ when it contains destructive palm oil. Label palm oil!

It’s all about time.....
Time is actually running out for the Orangutan’s of Borneo and Sumatra and many other animals, such as the Sumatran Tiger. If deforestation for the planting of unsustainable palm oil plantations is not stopped, then the Orangutan will lose their homes and be extinct within around 10 years!

I have been writing to Manufacturers and Supermarkets in the UK in the past 3 months who are known to use palm oil in their products and are in the top 100 for UK sales. The news is not very positive and most of them have omitted to answer the questions I posed, particularly in providing me with a list of their products containing palm oil and will not commit to whether it is sustainable or unsustainable palm oil that they use. There is a supply of sustainable palm oil out there and it is not being used, so there is no excuse!

List of products containing palm oil......
Until they provide me with a list, as a consumer, I will refuse to use ANY of their products, where possible and instead use products from Companies that do not use palm oil at all. At the end of the day, I do not want to be consuming this unhealthy saturated fat anyway and lessen my chance of a heart attack. BUT the main thing is that we are not allowed the choice to know whether a product has it in or not…..

Listing Palm oil as ‘Vegetable oil’.......
The law regarding ingredients listings, is an EU law, and allows manufacturer’s to list palm oil within the general term ‘vegetable oil’. There is not enough pressure on the European Union to change that right now so we need to do something. As a consumer, I do not want to be munching on palm oil (a saturated fat) and I feel cheated that I have been eating it for so long in my breads, chocolate, biscuits, chewing gum and lot’s more – every day! It is awful that we are not allowed to have the choice to see what products have palm oil in them, because the law says we do not have to be given that choice.

But we must petition and ask the Government to change the law – please sign today!
Plus, see my other petition on the subject of our demand for sustainable palm oil to be used by manufacturers and Supremarkets - signthe other one from this link …http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-the-orangutan-demand-sustainable-palm-oil-use.html

I would like to ask the Government to put forward new legislation on the labelling of our products containing palm oil. I feel it unfair that, as a consumer, I am not allowed the right to see when this saturated fat is used in products that I buy. Manufacturers are allowed to label palm oil under the generic term ‘vegetable oil’ which takes away our ability to know what we are eating/consuming and if part of it’s production is harming our environment and Wildlife, particularly the Orangutan’s in Borneo and Sumatra. This must be changed.

Please change the law so that all Manufacturers have to list palm oil in the ingredients list on their products.

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