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The Lions Club International has been a staple of the village of Morrice for years. Every year the Lions Club held a dinner for the senior citizens of the area, a Halloween costume contest at the fire hall in town where they served fresh donuts and cider on top of the many other activities and festivals they would help out at.

Every year one of the Lions Club members would pass out those familiar "White Canes" we all know. That money along with all the money raised by the Lions Club goes back into the community and to help those visually impaired who can't afford basic vision care.

Our economy might be dying but that doesn't mean we should let a wonderful organization such as the Lions Club of Morrice that has been a backbone of the community for so many years die also so please keep it a part of Morrice.

Please keep the Morrice Lions Club open, don't let this community lose such a wonderful organization that has been a part of the town for years and provided so much help to those in need over the years.

Do the right thing and make it known the club is struggling instead of just calling it quits. The President of this club needs to step up and find a new president to take over to save the club.

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