#Human Rights
East London NHS foundation trust and Newham Council
United Kingdom

NHS Newham and LBN propose to close down the Migrant Advice and Advocacy Project on which hundreds of vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers rely every year to maintain their most basic rights.

The project which employs two workers has made a real difference to people suffering extreme exploitation or deprivation -- working with many people in mental health difficulties.

We appeal to NHS Newham/ELFT and LBN not to withdraw funding to the Migrant Advice and Advocacy Service that provides vital assistance to some of the most vulnerable people in the borough who have nowhere else to turn when they are exploited by employers or landlords or refused health care and benefits.

Every year hundreds of people seek help—some of them asylum seekers and refugees suffering from unbearable trauma, others migrant workers suffering exploitation.

“The MAAP workers saved my life, literally” says one service user. “I was thinking of killing myself, I had been through so much harassment and no one understood what it was like for me, what my rights were or could properly speak up for me except the MAAP workers”.

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