The Russian President, The Sri Lankan President and The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India.

For ages, the Indian Ocean has remained a congenial bowl, bearing flora and fauna, benefitting all the countries in the region, especially India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We have had industrial waste coming in, but not at an alarming rate for us to panic. The Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant (being developed with Russian partnership) at the southern tip of India in Tamil Nadu State is indeed viewed as a monster by all lovers of humanity and marine life.

The Indian and Russian authorities have been adamantly going ahead with the project without respect for the apprehensions of the local villagers.

Nuclear waste from Koodankulam is to be discharged into the Indian Ocean and the local villagers have been engaged in peaceful protests like hunger-strike. The Indian Government has to be persuaded to convert this facility into an alternative source of energy.

Everyone agrees that nuclear waste will remain radioactive forever in the Ocean.


We, ardent lovers of humanity and marine life, request the Russian President, the Sri Lankan President and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu State to persuade the Govt. of India to keep the Indian Ocean free of nuclear discharges, and convert the Koodankulam Nuclear Plant into an alternative source of energy. Let us present a safer world for our generations to follow.


India's nuclear safety report warns of Fukushima-like disaster.


Thanks for supporting this cause. A nuclear-free world is possible.


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