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NSW Transport Minister

The historic yellow and green Freshwater class Manly Ferry are our local icons that are renowned across the world. These ships are for many tourists their first introduction to Manly and are cherished by locals.

The NSW Government has decided to start scrapping these majestic ships as early as next year, in favour of more 'agile' boats. Last year our Liberal MP James Griffin said, 'the Freshwater ferries will continue to service Manly on my watch." Fast forward to 2020, the state Liberal Government is singing a different tune.

We should protect our local heritage and keep the Freshwater class in service to sail across Sydney Harbour. Like London's black cabs or San Francisco's trams, Manly wouldn't be same without its icon.

Sign the below petition and help deliver a message to the NSW Government to protect our local history before it gets pushed aside.



We the undersigned call on the NSW Government to not scrap the iconic Freshwater class ferry and keep them in service to transport locals and tourists alike on the Manly to Circular Quay route.

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