Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal, Tasmania

A proposal to site a landfill in a steep gully catchment area North of Hobart has been on the books for some 7 years. Despite it being against current best practice of not siting it in a gully/valley drainage area, this proposal is heading for a determination by the Tasmanian Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal.

The area has been described by the National Parks and Wildlife service as being a vunerable Flora community (wet E. Globulus) with significant conservation values.

We the undersigned object to the siting of a regional landfill in a Steep forested gully which has significant conservation values. It is against current best management practices to site such a facility in a Gully/Valley drainage area. This proposal is being put forward by a private company who did not investigate any other suitable sites and then conducted their investigations after they had lodged their development application.This is entirely unacceptable.

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The Save the Mangalore Tiers from unsuitable Landfill petition to Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal, Tasmania was written by Russell Williams and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.