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The Magnum Leisure Center used to be the premier Leisure center on the west coast of Scotland. Many of the people in the area have fond memories of the place. There are little decent facilities for children and teenagers in the area With rising crime rates in the younger age groups. We believe that it is ludicrous to demolish this facility for a golfing complex?

We believe that if a decent administration team and with adequate funding this facility could again be one of the jewels of Scotland...Healthier children and a lasting legacy in Ayrshire.The Magnum has been run into the ground, deliberately or not this facility has been allowed to deteriorate to its present level, with no advertising or publicity to attract custom.

There have been a number of stories as to so called replacement facilities none of which are in any way viable alternatives. Until this is resolved can we allow yet another sports facility on the west coast of Scotland to be closed? We the children of Scotland ask you to help us present this case to the Scottish parliament and then the UK Prime Minister.

We are asking you to sign this petition to help stop the Magnum from closing and give the children an established safe environment rather that 'no-where to go but the streets'.

We ask you to ask your friends, sign the petition, print posters, take your friends and family to the magnum, prove that the existing management should be removed from the facility, and make this place great again, we wont have a set target of how many we want to sign , if everyone signs it then great!!! We intend to ask the kids of the region if they want us to fight for them and their facility. We ask for your support.

We have a voice! The children want to have a place they can be safe in. We do want to keep fit and have fun. We want to take action against the council and keep this facility open and also demand that funding be put in place to maintain and upgrade its deteriorating facilities.


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