#Culture, Education, County Planning
County Board and County Manager, Arlington, Virginia
United States of America

The 2020 closing of the LAC community studios displaced local artists, creatives, students, and recent graduates of university arts programs leaving them no place to work. LAC has the only community ceramics and printmaking studios in Arlington and Metro area and has been a source for community participation and engagement with the visual arts for more than 40 years.

LAC provided studio space for a multi-generational group with diverse backgrounds and interests. The demand for affordable studio space is growing, especially among students and recent graduates. These emerging artists need a place to work and access to specialized equipment to build their careers.

LACs studios are furnished with printing presses, kilns (electric, raku, and gas), wheels, a dark room with a NuArc vacuum exposure unit, and other apparatus that individual artists cannot afford or have the space in their homes to utilize. The equipment is still in place and ready to be used again.

LAC provided educational and training opportunities (Arlington High School Arts Apprentice Program, printmaking and ceramics workshops led by prominent practitioners, etc.) that are not available elsewhere.

The County has agreed to a temporary, provisional reopening of the studios on a limited basis, using strict occupancy guidelines. We need your support to convince the Arlington County government to restore funds for this unique community resource.

The undersigned affirm that the LAC should continue in operation and the building in which it operates revitalized by Arlington County as a key component in the redevelopment of Langston Boulevard and as a critical visual arts resource and magnet for cultural and community activities.

We have such a place at LAC. We can keep it going with your support

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