#Local Government
Orkney Islands Council
United Kingdom

One last chance to Save the Black Building!

With the Council signing the demolition contract, here's our last chance, to convince our elected officials to save this important piece of Orkney's heritage.

Located in kirkwall is the remains of the RAF Fighter Sector North HQ. It was built in 1940 to control the ariel defence of Scapa Flow. With the nazi's in control of Norway, and the Luftwaffe just an hours flight away it was crucial to the defence of the of the UK.

Orkney Islands Council has voted to destroy this archaeological and culturally important building. We must save it. When it's gone it's gone. This is an important future tourist attraction for Orkney. In fifty years time when the German High Seas fleet is just a rusty stain on the sea bed, and Orkney loses a major tourist attraction, our children will curse us for demolishing it.

We, the undersigned, call upon Orkney Islands Council to stop the planned demolition of the Black Building and to start planning for the buildings conservation.

We believe it to be a unique and important piece of our Islands' heritage one that will be a valuable asset to our Tourism and culture in years to come.

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