The City of Key West Planning Department
United States of America

The Sonny McCoy Indigenous Park, the last wild area in this part of Key West, provides an invaluable migratory shelter and feeding resource for numerous birds that are threatened or declining in numbers.

In addition, the hardwood hammock and related swale within the Park provide natural flood control to the area. Staff at the Wildlife Center, located within the Indigenous Park, provide rehabilitation for the island’s injured wildlife with the hope of release back into the wild as well as provide rescue, medical care, and relocation for unwanted and injured Key West chickens.

The City of Key West has proposed seven concepts to redevelop the Park. Some concepts under consideration involve:
• relocating the Wildlife Center;
• moving the Higgs Beach Dog Park into the Indigenous Park;
• replacing the buffer zones surrounding the Park’s hardwood core with parking and other open space.

We the undersigned believe that keeping the Wildlife Center in the Sonny McCoy Indigenous Park is vital to the future of numerous bird species and to the wildlife of Key West. The location of a dog park in close proximity to the Center is clearly counter-productive to the mission of the Center.

We want to:
• Keep the Wildlife Center in the Indigenous Park;
• Keep the Higgs Beach Dog Park in its current location and out of the Indigenous Park;
• Keep the Park’s existing swale, hardwood hammock, and natural buffer areas.

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