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URGENT: President-Elect Joe Biden has promised to end the bipartisan Hyde Amendment, which stops taxpayer funding of abortion. Introducing taxpayer funding of abortion would target poor women for abortion while taking away funds from real solutions that support women, like child care and Medicaid expansion.
Use the link below to ask your member of Congress to save the Hyde Amendment. This issue will surface as soon as January: progressive pro-lifers need to start putting the pressure on Congress now.
It'll just take a minute, but it may well be the first time your Representative has heard from someone like you.

We, as Democrats and progressives, call on Congress to protect the bipartisan Hyde Amendment, which protects taxpayer dollars from funding abortions.

First, as Democrats, we believe that government funding should go to solutions that help women in crisis pregnancies: child care, affordable healthcare, and economic relief for families. We believe in non-violent solutions to difficult solutions.

Second, as Americans, we are appalled that some leaders in our party would violate our conscience rights by forcing our tax dollars to go to an activity to which we are opposed.

Third, we note that low-income women, according to all polling, do not want abortion funded under Medicaid. This is a policy overwhelmingly supported by the rich, pushing it on a population that does not want it.

Save the Hyde Amendment. Protect life. Say no to state-funded violence.

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