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The Hollywood City Commission
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The Hollywood Playhouse was successful and self-sustaining for 50 years.

…“You have a treasure – a jewel of a theatre – in the heart of your city”.

…”I have had a long and distinguished career, and have performed extensively all over the world, and I can honestly say that performing at the Hollywood Playhouse was one of my greatest JOYS! …”

…”It is a rare and perfect construction for a venue of its size. The intimacy of the space, yet the flexibility of scope afforded by the fly system is truly a rarity….”
~Avi Hoffman~

Community theatres do not survive on stage production alone. Few theatres with fewer than 1000 seats could. What makes community theatre successful is the associations they can make with the community that offer a diversity of uses for the facility. The Hollywood Playhouse can serve local universities, community education programs, children's theatre, community arts programs; create a teaching venue for dance, music, voice, stage craft, etc. And the list goes on!

Ask the Hollywood City Commission to publicly affirm their position and intent to protect the public trust of the Hollywood citizenry by securing that property for the future as a unique historical cultural center for the City of Hollywood.

1) Create a citizen Advisory Board to explore the resources and develop a plan for the future of the Hollywood Playhouse;

2) Negotiate with the foreclosure bank TransCapital in good faith to secure the future of the Hollywood Playhouse, with the city having control over the survival of the property;

3) Instruct the City Attorney to negotiate a fair retention of the City’s protection of that cultural property in good faith.

4) Attract the private interests and theater organizations to make a commitment to this effort by demonstrating the support of the Hollywood City Commission for the restoration of the Hollywood Playhouse.

In September 2011, WE HAD YOUR SUPPORT! In September 2012, you want to dispose of the Hollywood Playhouse. Do you really want to take on that responsibility? What will be the legacy of the Hollywood elected officials? If you can look into the future and broaden your vision, it could be that you rescued a Local/Regional and even National treasure; a community asset.

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