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The Maranoa Regional Council

The Maranoa Regional Council is currently undertaking Master Planning of the Warroo Sports Complex (Surat Racecourse). One of the options is to demolish the grandstand, even though the grandstand itself is not condemned.


The C E Nason Memorial Grandstand was built in 1959, by the Surat Diggers Race Club with assistance from the community of Surat.

It was named in honour of the late Charles E Nason as the Nason family contributed funds towards the building.

It is believed that the cypress pine used in this structure was locally milled. Cypress pine is known for its durability and is not susceptible termites.

The grandstand is a structure that was built to last, why must a piece of local history be demolished because it requires maintenance?


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We petition the Maranoa Regional Council to leave the historical CE Nason Memorial Grandstand at the Warroo Sporting Facility (at the Surat Racecourse) undertake repairs and maintain it to a useable state. The grandstand was built by the community of Surat over 50 years ago and is apart of our heritage.

We feel that to demolish it benefits no person and that a full renovation of the remainder of the recreational facilities is possible without having to demolish the grandstand.

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