Reston Association Board of Directors
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The Reston Association has embarked on an ambitious program to restore the streams that nourish Reston's beautiful woodlands. We, the undersigned, support that objective in principle.

But we are very concerned by the results of the first phase of the restoration project, in the Snakeden Branch. RA's contractor has cut down hundreds of trees, engineered a new course for the stream, reinforced it with huge boulders and clear-cut extensive areas on both sides of the stream. We, the residents of Reston, were never informed that the restoration effort would employ such drastic and destructive measures.

The Save the Glade Coalition has come together to question this process before the inception of the next phase of stream restoration, along the Glade Stream. Many qualified and reputable stream scientists recommend low-impact stream restoration methods that are much less destructive and preserve the total ecology of the stream area. We want those methods to be employed in the restoration of the Glade Stream.

In addition, there is no evidence that RA has undertaken a comprehensive environmental impact study of the effects of this work on the flora and fauna now living in our woodlands. Our beautiful natural environment is one of the primary reasons why we have chosen to live in Reston, and we expect our homeowners' association to do everything it can to preserve it.

Finally, we are very concerned about the lack of appropriate oversight over the work, as evidenced by the fact that RA's response to most substantive inquiries by members of the public has been to refer them to the contractor. We also have serious questions about the financial arrangements of this contract that have yet to be addressed by RA. And RA has refused to allow members of the public to speak against the current project unless they are "affected parties," as defined by RA. RA has given that designation only to individuals whose homes abut the actual streams being restored. We firmly believe that we are all "affected parties," and RA has an obligation to listen to us all.

For further details, see our website: http://savetheglade.org

We, the undersigned, call on the Board of Directors of the Reston Association to immediately halt the stream restoration project for the Glade Stream and take the following actions before beginning work there:

1. Undertake a serious and immediate study of low-impact methods of stream restoration that can be used instead of the massively destructive approach taken in the Snakeden Branch.

2. Conduct a full and comprehensive environmental impact study to determine the likely effect of this work on the trees, birds, animals and plants of the Glade Stream area.

3. Require appropriate contractor oversight and financial transparency.

4. Expand RA's definition of "affected parties" to include anyone living in Reston who has expressed interest and seeks a voice.

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