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In the Winter Quarter of 2008 at Seattle University it came to our attention that as many as 45+ classes would get cut due to major financial issues and/or major investments such as ... examples ... .

How can it be that such an interesting and important language would get cut and then even more outraging how the students who are already in the German program are being handled. Isn't our University about Diversity and academic excellence?

Wasn't it Seattle University back in the days (80's) who decided to detract their athletic programs because of scandals and such, but now they are deciding to get back into it, at the cost of academia? That does not make sense.

Athletics are important in college, but not to the extent that the only viable means of support is through cutting costs to *academics*, *diversity* and *culture*.

Not to mention the fact that the reason so few students are in the German program may be because there are not enough classes to draw students there in the first place.

We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Arts & Sciences and the Language department to not cut the German program but to support it and let it revive again.

With our signatures we officially show our opposition against the cutting of the German Class and demand a change to the present situation.

Let us keep the German Language Program alive...

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