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Matco bill owns a franchise with matco tools. For years his truck has sported a flame engulfed hood, now his contract is up and not only is he forced to pay out of pocket to update the corporate logo on his truck. They are forcing him to remove the flames that make his truck identifiable. Its like a staple for his buisness it makes him noticeable. And in a country where private buisness is an endangerd species we are wittnessing the very thing responsible! Corporate bullying, plain and simple if you own a Snap On truck and wish to convert they will pay to have your truck changed and throw in all sorts handouts and bonuses but if your an existing Matco franchise who has worked tirelessly at yours and your family's expense they flip you the bird. Sound familiar cellphone users?? Its time to let one of these big entities know the american people are tired of getting screwed they have video after video of Matco franchise family owned buisness your the boss blah blah, lies lies this truck has existed as it is in this franchise for years and there is no reason to make him change save the flames and the American Dream

We the undersigned matcobill supporters demand that matco tools allow the flames to remain on the hood with no penalty to matcobill of any kind.

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The Save the flames petition to Matco tools was written by Robert goewey and is in the category Business at GoPetition.

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