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Fiji has suffered 27 years of coup culture. The worst is December 2006 coup executed by Voreqe Bainimarama and which resulted in Fiji being under dictatorship for 08 years.

Fijian Indigenous Peoples have suffered the most post 2006 coup.

Fijian Indigenous have lost Rights to Self Determination, their Sovereignty as a First Nation Peoples of Fiji, their Fijian Race & Culture, Fijian Chiefly Institutions, Rights to make calls on their Land, Resources, 'Qoliqoli' or Foreshore and Seabed. Deaths, torture and abuse post 2006 have specifically targeted our Fijian Indigenous Peoples.

The dismantling of the BLV - 'Bose Levu Vaka Turaga' or GCC- Great Council of Chiefs had been craftily orchestrated under the infamous Khaiyum-sunset clause where a thesis had been written to supposedly spell the end of the Fijian Race in Fiji hence the removal of the name Fijian and being given to all in Fiji without even any consultation with the Fijian Indigenous who have held this description of its Fijian Race for approximately 141 years post Deed of Fiji Cession to Great Britain in 1874.

Now on this day 30 March, 2015, invoking that same Deed of Fiji Cession (1874), initially signed by our Fijian Indigenous Forefathers, we, the Fijian Indigenous Peoples of Fiji which includes those of us residing offshore, we collectively now wish to reclaim everything lost to the Fijian Indigenous Race post 2006 coup to 2015.

This petition is apolitical and is purely for the salvage of the Fijian Indigenous Peoples of Fiji who are now spread globally and residing in Fiji and also other parts of the world.

We, the undersigned, invoking the Deed of Fijian Cession of 1874 on this day, 30th March 2015, [Deed of Cession] which had been signed by our Forefathers, now call upon United Kingdom as Head of the Commonwealth and its Allies to heed our call and assist in restoring what was once a Peaceful Fiji.

By doing so, this will assist in ensuring that our Way of Life as Fijian Indigenous Peoples or First Nation People of Fiji is restored to us in its fullest form.

This means our 'Vanua' or Land & Resources as well as our Fijian Race and Cultures and our Fijian Chiefly Institutions are all reinstated and given back to the Fijian Indigenous Peoples to Self-Determine and map their pathway to the future.

We are reminded that since the United Nation has become involved in our Fijian affairs, our Rights to Self Determination have been conveniently removed. We now wish to reclaim all these.

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