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We have an issue in the village. Some peacocks, who/which have lived on a farm in the village for 30 years, are being forced to either leave or be penned up because ONE complaint has been received about their noise which only happens for a few weeks of the year during mating, I suspect.

All the other people who live on the farm, ie 80 per cent of the inhabitants, are happy with the peacocks. It is devastating to think that these birds have to be kept penned in just because of one set of newcomers to the village, and even more maddening that, once they have forced this change, they are due to leave anyway.I would really appreciate your support by signing this petition to SAVE THE FARNSFIELD PEACOCKS.

Alternatively I am looking for 217 people to join me in paying £1,000 each to buy this couple out and allow them to move to somewhere that suits them better. POWER TO THE PEACOCKS.

We the undersigned would like to support the freedom of the Farnsfield Peacocks.

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