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This is the fourth application for Planning Permission to extend and convert 1 Manor Mount, Forest Hill. The first application was rejected, second was withdrawn and the third (proposed by another party) is pending a Committee Meeting after having undergone an informal Council meeting in Chambers.

This application bears little difference to the application 1 and 2 that was submitted by Mr Rodrigues in 2007 & 2008.

We, the undersigned, call on Lewisham Planning Department to reject this highly detrimental application for Planning Permission Ref: DC/08/69361/FT : "The alteration and conversion of 1 Manor Mount SE23, together with the construction of a single storey extension to the rear and 3 storey extension to the side... and the provision of 6 car parking spaces..." which will in effect turn this family home into a substantial block of flats.

This application is contrary to the saved UDP Plan policies: URB 3, URB6, URB 16, HSG 12, HSG 7, URB 17. It bears no difference in bulk or height with a previous rejected application by this applicant, will have significant negative impact on 1 1/2 Manor Mount's amenity, light and will be visually overbearing.

The parking area and landscaping of the garden is contrary to UDP policy in this Conservation Area.

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