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FOX have cancelled lucifer after only 3 seasons

Lucifer the much loved show aired by fox has been cancelled after only 3 seasons. We believe that it needs at least 1 more if not 2 more seasons. This show has well developed characters, brilliant work from the actors and a seemingly amazing cast. To be able to tell a story where the devil is the main character and yet every time somethi g goes wrong it hits us all right in the feels. This show is amazing as it ma ages to portray Lucifer in a light different from all others not that god sent Lucifer to hell as punishment but that he was the best man for the job and his redemption is only that he needs to realise this. We believe that the story is still untold, that Lucifer, Detecteive Decker, and Detective Dan aka Detective Douche still have much more to explore and more crimes to solve. Not to mention the fact that Mazikeen and Amenadiel seem just started on their redemptive arcs. If you feel the same or just love this show please sign this petition and help us show fox that its still too soon to cancel Lucifer..

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