Arun District Council
United Kingdom

Land to the north of the Littlehampton Academy is under threat from development.

Both the Daisyfield campsite which is the only one left serving Littlehampton and the open space next to it extensively used for outdoor recreation and dog walking are under threat.

Arun District Council is considering moving a leisure centre here whilst the Littlehampton neighbourhood plan raises the possibility of housing development.

The petition seeks to draw the attention of the authorities to the public concern over this, and mitigate the impact.

We, the undersigned, strongly request that in the event of any development of land north of the Littlehampton Academy,

(1) a large proportion of the open space is enhanced and retained for outdoor recreation

(2) The Daisyfields Camping and Caravan site (the only one remaining to serve the Littlehampton area) should remain and be promoted as a valuable tourist facility for the town and

(3) no construction work on this site to take place without in-depth consultation with local residents and their representatives and until the link road is constructed to protect residential areas.

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The Save the Daisyfields Campsite petition to Arun District Council was written by Derrick Chester and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.