#Human Rights
Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia
United States of America

The Confederate Flag is our history, much like the American Flag. To some of us it might mean just as much or even more so. Especially if you have had family members in history that have fought in the Civil War or any other war.

This flag is significant to many people in the Country. I've seen the impact that all of this is making on everyone. It's causing a huge rift between everyone. They say this flag is racist, but how so? Because it was in the Civil War? Both races fought in this war, willingly and non-willingly.

My point is that this flag does not represent slavery. At all. My question is though. Why ban this flag, but let others walk on the American Flag disrespectfully as "Freedom of Speech"? What about our freedom of speech? What about our opinion?

EVERYONE'S opinion needs to be heard!

We, the people, of the United States of America have come together to petition AGAINST the banning of the Confederate Flag (Battle and Non-Battle).

We are taking a stand and want our opinion heard!

Save The Confederate Flag!

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