#Civil Rights
The National Assembly, the AG Federation and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

This is a call on Nigerians to rise up in solidarity against the Non Governmental Organizations Regulatory Commission Bill currently pending before the National Assembly. The Bill provides that before an NGO can operate in Nigeria, it must obtain a licence from the Commission which is vested with very wide powers to monitor and control NGOs. The licence is valid only for two years and at the expiration of the licence, an NGO shall cease to operate except the licence is renewed. There is no objective criteria for the issuance or renewal of the licence. It is entirely within the discretion of the Commission and an aggrieved person cannot challenge a refusal to issue or renew a licence in court. And any person who operates an NGO without a licence is liable to imprisonment for 18 months or to a fine of N500, 000 or to both imprisonment and fine.
By this Bill, civil society organizations who express critical views about government and demand accountability from public officers will be emasculated, branded illegal, their activities proscribed and their members imprisoned. Only organizations that are subservient or absolutely loyal to government may be allowed to exist. It is another attempt to eliminate dissent that should be resisted by Nigerians. It is the most draconian incursion our democracy is about to experience. The implications of the Bill are far reaching and traverse political party lines, ethnicity and religion. It is a brazen attempt by our legislators to expropriate constitutionally vested rights of Nigerians. Express your rejection of this anti democratic Bill. Spare a minute and sign the petition.

By this petition, we the undersigned hereby call on the National Assembly to withdraw this anti people Bill.

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The SAVE THE CIVIL SOCIETY IN NIGERIA; WITHDRAW THE NGO BILL petition to The National Assembly, the AG Federation and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was written by Agbada S. Agbada and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.