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It is an undeniable fact that supporting Donald Trump means you are an idiot. The level of stupidity, credulity, and lack of overall judgment it takes to support such an obvious moron, can no longer be tolerated in our society. Continued support for this orange creature needs to have immediate, and severe consequences.

We, the undersigned, call on the White House, and US government, to help save many children we feel are in danger throughout America. We believe anyone who voted for Donald Trump, is clearly unfit to properly care for children. We are calling for the immediate forfeiture of parental rights, for anyone dumb enough to support Donald Trump, and his semi-retarded agenda, We feel a vote for Trump is a clear indication that you are not fit to properly care for domesticated animals, much less a human child. We demand immediate removal of all children living in Trump households. Forfeiture of parental rights will be indefinite, or until the offending parties can demonstrate the correct values, morals, and judgment, typically required to properly raise an American child.

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