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Wandsworth Borough Council
United Kingdom

I have created this petition to fight against Wandsworth councils plans demanding the removal of the Food and Beverages van from Chelsea Bridge.

There has been a stall/van there for a very long time and Customers have included Ringo starr, Brian Jones and several other celebrities and well known personalities. It is part of Battersea and its Heritage and is one of the last remaining pieces of the Original Battersea!.

Are we going to allow yet another piece of our history? be taken away? A man's livelihood will be destroyed, along with his dignity and all because of certain people who believe they are superior. Battersea was built by the working class, the working class that made it a community, pulling together to help one another, and standing up for the rights of people like Vito.

We, the undersigned, call upon Wandswoth council to grant the right to keep the catering premises at Queenstown road SW8-4NW We feel that seeing as a catering vehicle of some sort has always resided on the bridge and has been utilised by allsorts of people from all walks of life, removing the present one would serve no real purpose other to pander to the whim of the upper class residents.

Instead of revoking the license, HELP this man! It would be an act of goodwill and raise the spirits of the Working class people who "Are" Battersea.

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