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The Blue-Gray Classic was an all-star game for college seniors whose teams didn't get invited to bowls. It benefited the Lions Club of Montgomery, but this petition is more concerned with the players who will miss that opportunity.

We ask Goodyear Tires to resume sponsorship of the Blue-Gray Classic.

We ask on behalf of a poor young man named Elisha Nelson "Eli" Manning. Eli comes from a family of quarterbacks. His father played for Ole Miss, his brother for Tennessee.

Sadly, when Peyton went to Tennessee, the Mannings were scorned as traitors by Rebel fans. To spare his family further condemnation, Eli decided to play for Ole Miss, although he knew their program has sucked for 40 years. With no hope of playing in a bowl, Eli looked forward to his only possible postseason appearance--the now defunct Blue-Gray Classic.

The loss of the Blue-Gray has caused him great emotional harm. It drove him to drink before he was 21. It also made him insecure about his manhood, causing his current pitiful attempt to grow facial hair.

Please give this upstanding young family man hope of playing in the college postseason by reinstating the Blue-Gray Game.

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