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City of Bisbee
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Bisbee, Arizona is an old mining town in Southern Arizona. To increase exposure on social media and as a result tourism private funding was raised by Bisbee4Fun.com to build a giant Adirondack Chair which was then painted by The Boys & Girls Club of Bisbee. Thousands of pictures have been taken in just the last few months and shared on Instagram using the #Bisbee4fun. However some City officials have decided that the Chair must go. We need your help in persuading them otherwise.

We understand that in a world full of serious and impactful issues that this petition is very minor but we would like to believe that the smiles that the Chair brings to peoples faces is well worth the effort.

We, the undersigned ask that the #Bisbee4Fun Chair be supported by the Bisbee Mayor and Council and that it be continued to be enjoyed by all that sit in it and have their photo taken.

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