Government of Belize

The precious forests of Belize are under attack from many sides: oil companies, Guatemalan loggers, and now Rosewood exporters.

Rosewood is a highly prized wood that is made into furniture and craft items. Until recently, it was common in the southern Toledo district of Belize, but now it is under threat due to relentless logging in the area. Local farmers receive minimal financial benefit, while foreign exporters reap the rewards. All Belizeans are losing their natural heritage through the continued unsustainable logging.

Help protect rosewood and all other Belizean trees from unsustainable logging practices by petitioning the Government of Belize to intervene NOW, before it is too late. It will take over a hundred years to replace all the rosewood that has recently been plundered.

Encourage the Government of Belize to promote local processing and craftsmanship of rosewood, which will benefit local Belizeans far more financially and environmentally, instead of looking for minimal short-term gain.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Belize to halt all export of Rosewood from the country of Belize, and to promote sustainable logging practices and the development of local processing and craftsmanship that will benefit the people of Belize both financially and environmentally.

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The Save The Belizean Forests! petition to Government of Belize was written by Ruth McDonald and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.