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Breed-specific legislation
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They are trying to ban this Breed in many states and we feel that's wrong. This is the only breed that's being targeted please help use support our bully breeds by signing this petition..

We need your help and others to understand why we need to protect the American Pit Bull Terrier.

I have always had dogs coming up as a young boy and have a place in my heart for any kind of animal. But after choosing an American pit bull Terrier, I have learned to love this breed of K-9 I am amazed how the media reports some of the stories they do. What they don't tell you are the condition of the animal and why the dogs attacked.

BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation. A BSL can be anything from requiring special licensing of a breed or breeds (breed restriction) to the total elimination of a breed (breed ban).

Why is BSL bad?

BSL fails to target the problem: bad dog owners. Those who are causing the problems with their dogs will not care about the law. Either these owners will continue to own the breeds mentioned in the BSL or dump the dogs, get a new breed and continue the cycle. Or, a restriction will make the breeds more attractive to those who get a feeling of power by intentionally breaking the law.

Some owners are simply poorly educated and do not know what it takes to properly raise, train, socialize and manage any dog. Owners who are intentionally bad or owners who are undereducated and irresponsible are the problems that need to be addressed. Also, BSL are tough to enforce, expensive and often very vague with their descriptions and how to identify a dangerous dog.

We need your help by signing this petition the more the better please take the time to be a part of this fight to Protect This Breed in need...

P.S I would like to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for signing this petition. Just knowing there are supporters like your self make this worth while..

Thank you..Rob

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