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The Aviara Premier Collection (APC) is the homeowners association for the Serenata, Brindisi, Cristalla, and Tesoro developments in Carlsbad, CA. It also is the HOA for the Windsor at Aviara Apartments, which controls two of the APC’s five board seats.

The APC board has ordered the removal of 44 trees in the community – including trees in the natural preserve area. Among the trees targeted is a eucalyptus tree that is home to a raptor nest – used each Spring by either hawks or the Great Horned Owl. This tree is located at the trail head entrance on Ambrosia Lane adjacent to the Daybreak Church and across the street from the Windsor At Aviara Apartments. It is surrounded by four other eucalyptus – all were touched by flames during the Poinsettia Fire.

The APC board and its property manager, J.D. Richardson Company, contends the trees at this trail head represent a hazard to those who use the trails and sidewalks. The board has stated publicly the trees are coming down at the behest of the City of Carlsbad. However, officials with Carlsbad, specifically, the Fire Department, say the trees pose NO danger to anyone using either the trails or the sidewalks. Because the preserve is owned by the homeowners association, the City of Carlsbad does not have the power to stop the APC from cutting down these trees.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife service is unable to protect the trees because the hawks and owls using the nest are not endangered. Additionally, because there are no eggs in the nest at this time of year, the Migratory Species Act also offers no protections.

It is up to the nest’s neighbors and friends to protect this eucalyptus tree and its nest. We urge you to petition the APC board of directors. They may be contacted directly through their property manager, Susan Sharp, susan@jdrichardson.net, or 619-234-9884.

To: The Board of Directors of the Aviara Premier Collection

We, the undersigned, petition you to stop your plans to cut down the eucalyptus tree with the raptors' nest at the Ambrosia trail head across from the Windsor At Aviara Apartments. Additionally, we ask that you spare the other nearby eucalyptus trees.

The eucalyptus tree with the raptors' nest is a symbol of hope to neighbors who watched the fledgling hawk that survived the Poinsettia Fire in that nest grow to adulthood. We place our trust in the Carlsbad Fire Department's assessment that the tree poses no danger to anyone using the trails or sidewalk.

The Undersigned

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