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Reelfoot Lake State Park was established in 1956, but Reelfoot Lake's history far exceeds this date. The lake was formed by the New Madrid earthquakes that struck during the winter of 1811 and 1812, filled by the backflowing waters of the Mississippi River.

Reelfoot Lake is an economic oasis for the local residents of Lake County, Tennessee; various hotels, restaurants, and stores thrive on tourist dollars. People from many states vacation at Reelfoot Lake each year to take advantage of the great crappie fishing, deer and duck hunting, arts & crafts, and the majestic bald eagles.

In 1973, Reelfoot Lake State Park opened the Airpark Inn, so-named because of the small airstrip and tower which was adjacent to the property. After years of economic hardship and the negligence of Tennessee State Parks to maintain the Airpark Inn, it has been permanently closed and plans are underway to condemn and demolish the property.

The Airpark Inn used to host hundreds of tourists each year in its 20 rooms, each with large windows ideal for watching bald eagles and all of Reelfoot Lake's natural splendor. People used to flock to the Airpark Inn's pier with binoculars and cameras each winter to observe the bald eagles. The Airpark Inn was also home to the incomparable Airpark Inn Restaurant, which featured fresh seafood, juicy steaks, and a superb salad bar. Because of its airstrip, the Airpark Inn had the ability to attract tourists from hundreds of miles away via aircraft.

To condemn and demolish such a historic landmark and tourist attraction would also result in the senseless destruction of the habitats that surround the building and its pier. Hundreds of birds, fish, and reptiles have chosen the Airpark Inn as their habitats. Anyone who is familiar with demolition work will attest to the fact that environmental hazards cannot be avoided.

We, the undersigned, call on the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Tennessee State Parks to cease all plans to permanently close and demolish Reelfoot Lake State Park's Airpark Inn.

We, the undersigned, prefer to see the Airpark Inn restored and revitalized in an effort to stimulate tourism and the local economy in Lake County, Tennessee. Furthermore, the demolition of the Airpark Inn will reek havoc on and destroy the ecology and environment surrounding the property.

Therefore, in good conscience, we submit this petition in an effort to bring an awareness to the State of Tennessee that Reelfoot Lake State Park's Airpark Inn should remain open to the public and be preserved for environmental protection.

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